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Glee: I Found A Boy [1/1] - Sam/Kurt

Title: I Found A Boy
Author: thosesamestars
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sam/Kurt (sorta), Sam/Santana, Klaine-y (but they're not dating)
Word Count: 2,997
Warning: This is circa "Blame it on the Alcohol" so: Sam/Santana (Samtana is still one of my favorite shipper names, haha), Klaine-y (they’re not actually together)
Disclaimer: I own nothing blah blah blah.
Author’s Notes: I’m kinda late, but here’s my contribution to the Kummer Summer Exchange 2011. I’m not entirely sure this is exactly what was expected when the prompt was given, but here you go. It doesn’t necessarily end happily in this particular story, but the prompt was to re-write a scene and that’s what I did. The scene was re-written as a set up for other plots as if it were still actually in the episode, so don’t hate me!! Please. =) The actual prompt: "Season 2 AU. Any "what could have been" moment from season 2: a Kum rewriting of a scene that could have been so much better if the canoe was writing the show. Play with canon as much as you like."
Summary: What if Sam and Kurt kissed during the spin the bottle game during "Blame it on the Alcohol?"
Date Written: November 13, 2011

Kurt had originally decided to sit out during Spin the Bottle, thinking Blaine would take his queue and also sit it out. He figured it would just be too awkward to have the two gay boys participate, especially since his step-brother was also playing the game. Unfortunately, Blaine was beyond toasted and made it a point to not sit out. Kurt grew up being "odd man out" and refused to perpetuate the cycle. He reluctantly agreed to play with everyone else, who were of course all three sheets to the wind save for Finn. Santana and Quinn both watched the game but did not participate.

If Kurt was honest with himself, he hoped his spin landed on any of the boys sitting in the circle. Well, except for Finn. And Artie. The first because it would just be all kinds of awkward since they were now brothers, and the second because...well...he just didn’t look at Artie that way. Of course with his luck he would end up landing on one of the girls and Blaine would get Sam or Puck.

He was kind of extremely nervous about how this was going to go down. He knew everyone was drunk, and inhibitions were always low to non-existent when alcohol was added to the mix, but he didn’t know what to expect with the prospect of any of the straight boys having to kiss him or Blaine. He was hoping for a best case scenario and they would at least agree to a cheek kiss. Part of him thought that might be even more gay than a kiss on the lips, but if it was between that and them refusing to kiss altogether, he would take the cheek kiss. He knew he was over-analyzing it, but the only kiss he had ever had with a boy was the surprise attack from Karofsky, and he was hoping he could get a more positive memory about kissing a boy.

It was Brittany’s turn first. All eyes watched the bottle spin on the floor, passing each person several times before slowing down. Kurt supposed he wouldn’t mind kissing Britt again since he had dated her for that brief amount of time the year before.

The bottle stopped with the top pointing directly at Puck. The circle erupted in cheers and smiles as both of them leaned forward to touch lips. The rules of the game had been established that the kiss had to last at least 5 seconds. Three seconds into Brittany and Puck’s kiss, Santana made it known she was not pleased. "You know what? This is not...hey, honies!" she pulled the two of them apart. "It’s not a big red commercial. No me gusta." Everyone there, with the exception of Blaine and possibly Kurt, knew that Santana and Brittany had a little something going on. Sam and Artie both paid no mind to her outburst and were too caught up in the drunken haze of "fun" to care about their significant others.

With a quick flick of his wrist, Puck spun the bottle sitting on the red and black checkered board. All eyes were on the board as the moving glass slowed to a stop. Even though Quinn wasn’t participating, the bottle had stopped between where she sat on the stool and where Rachel sat on the floor.

"I’m not playing," she quickly clarified, taking a sip from her cup and pointing toward Rachel.

"What do you say us hot jews get our mack on?" he said, looking at Rachel.

"Whoo!!" she replied, putting her cup down and leaning over Sam to get to Puck. Puck also leaned over Sam so that his kiss with Rachel was directly in front of Sam’s face. Sam leaned back a little but hooted and hollered with his peers as the two brunettes kissed. He took a quick glance at Finn, who was sitting almost directly across from Rachel, and noticed the tall teen wasn’t very enthused as he watched them kiss. Sam wasn’t sure if it had to do with the fact that Rachel was kissing anyone or if it was that she was kissing Puck specifically.

Kurt also noticed how unhappy Finn seemed. He knew his brother had been the one to call off their relationship, but Kurt wasn’t dumb enough to think all romantic feelings Finn had had for Rachel were completely gone. Watching Finn, in an innocent not-creepy kind of way, while he watched Rachel drunk out of her mind was tough for Kurt.

Rachel took some more sips from her cup as she spun the bottle. The entire group cheered when the bottle stopped directly at Blaine. Kurt’s first response was a mixture of surprise and joy that Blaine hadn’t had to kiss one of the other boys yet. "This is outstanding!" he clapped, so thankful that there was nothing to be worried about.

"Blaine Warbler, I’m going to rock your world," Rachel slurred as she leaned over Kurt and grabbed Blaine by the shirt, pulling him to her until their lips met.

Kurt’s second response was annoyance. It was the longest five seconds Kurt could recall as he watched until their faces broke apart. Rachel giggled as she sat back in her spot beside Kurt. Kurt watched Blaine sit back down. Blaine made sure he looked anywhere but at the boy sitting next to him. Blaine knew Kurt was into him, but he just didn’t feel the same way about him. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hide the rush of adrenaline and excitement he had felt while kissing Rachel. The smile on his face wasn’t going anywhere.

Blaine spun the bottle and honestly hoped it didn’t land on Kurt. He liked the boy a lot, but he didn’t want to lead him on. Blaine wouldn’t have had a problem with kissing him at all, but he knew Kurt would have read more into it.

The entire room got completely silent and then burst into cheers when the bottle stopped on Sam. "Do it! Do it! Do it!" everyone chanted as Blaine and Sam just looked at each other. Kurt looked on in complete shock. Both boys he wanted to kiss were now going to kiss...each other?

Sam was beyond amused, the humor clearly visible on his face. Both boys got on their knees and leaned toward each other. Blaine leaned toward the right side of Sam’s face and gave him a brief kiss on the cheek. He hardly knew these people and didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. He started going back to his seat on the floor when Sam grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. Their lips met and everyone cheered even louder, all the girls also throwing in some giggles. Finn looked away from the kiss and met Kurt’s eyes. Kurt quickly looked back to the boys kissing. He wasn’t sure if he should be horrified that they were kissing each other and he wasn’t involved or turned on that both of his crushes were kissing each other right in front of him.

Both boys broke apart from the kiss with smiles on their faces. Sam sat back down and felt a hardy pat on the back. He turned around and met Puck face to face. "Way to take one for the team, Evans!"

Kurt tried to keep his face light and happy, but he was having a hard time keeping up the charade. The entire night just seemed to be getting worse and worse for him. He glanced up from the bottle on the floor and looked directly into Sam’s eyes...which were looking right back at him. Kurt literally almost lost his breath. Kurt couldn’t remember the last time he had seen someone so breathtakingly beautiful. Sam had a full-of-joy grin on his face, his cheeks were dusted with pink (probably a mix from the liquor and adrenaline), and a carefree attitude emitted from body. His blond hair was casually swept to the side of his face enough to see the confidence radiating from his green eyes. And the look was aimed directly at Kurt. The corner of Sam’s mouth slightly lifted upward when their eyes met.

Sam broke eye contact for his turn to spin the bottle.

Sam knew Kurt was interested in him. Maybe not interested in him as boyfriend-boyfriend, but interested enough in his physical appearance. As conceited as it might sound, Sam knew he was pretty. He had seen Kurt check him out a number of times. Kurt was usually pretty careful about hiding it, but when someone got as much attention as Sam had gotten from gay guys in the past, he knew when someone was interested.

The thing that intrigued Sam the most about it was that he found himself responsive to Kurt’s "hidden" affections. No one else had ever sparked his curiosity as much as the boy sitting across from him had. Sure he had kissed a boy before, even before the kiss he just shared with Blaine. You don’t go to an all-boys school and leave without kissing at least one boy. But he could never recall wanting to kiss one as badly as he wanted to kiss Kurt. The kid was adorable and had no idea just how much.

He knew he could have gotten away with just the cheek kiss from Blaine. Sam actually thought it was a really stand up way to handle the situation and gave the kid major props for trying to be as PC as he was. He wasn’t in the mood for PC, though. Everyone in the room was drinking, minus Kurt and Finn, and he really had nothing to lose. He himself had been drinking, sure, but he was nowhere near "drunk." He tried to play up that he was, so no one else could see how badly he wanted to kiss Kurt, but he knew exactly what he was doing.

Sam spun the bottle and hoped it landed on Kurt. He didn’t know when else he would have such a perfect opportunity to do what he’d wanted to do for a while now. He hardly ever saw Kurt anymore, and it wasn’t like he was best friends with Finn to have a reason to be at his house to "accidentally" run into Kurt and "accidentally" fall onto his mouth.

Kurt had never watched a bottle spin as intently as he watched this one. Part of him wanted to just close his eyes and wait until it stopped to save him from the anticipation of seeing who it landed on.

Sam’s eyes were also glued to the bottle as it started to slow down. It had been a long time since he had wanted something this badly.

Sam didn’t realize he had been holding his breath until he released it when he saw who the bottle had landed on. Kurt. He looked up at Kurt and saw Kurt looking at him, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. He looked like he was about to jump up and run away.

Kurt was in pure shock. As much as he had wanted this, he was positive it wasn’t going to happen. Seeing that it was happening put him in panic mode.

Their peers all hooted and hollered some more.

"This just turned into an episode of Queer As Folk!" Puck said, smile spread wide across his face. "You must have done something bad ‘cuz it looks like someone has it out for you tonight," he joked, pointing his finger to the sky.

"You-you don’t have to do this, Sam," Kurt said amongst all the cheers and laughter. "You just kissed Blaine. You can re-spin." Kurt was looking everywhere but directly at Sam. "You don’t want us to turn you into a gay," Kurt joked, trying not to show how freaked out he was.

"Dude, you have to kiss him," Puck said. "He could probably fit your whole head in that mouth of his, but you have to. There’s no re-spins."

Kurt finally looked at Sam and saw the blond boy wasn’t nervous or apprehensive or disappointed. Sam was smiling and looking directly at him.

"Come ‘ere," Sam whispered and leaned over the board to get closer to him. Kurt followed his lead. He paused briefly when their lips were millimeters apart.

"I’m sorry," he whispered as Sam closed the small gap and pressed their lips together.

Sam put his left hand against the side of Kurt’s face, more to be able to touch him than any other reason, and decided then and there to throw caution to the wind. He slightly opened his mouth during their kiss with the hopes that Kurt get the message. He wanted to taste him. He felt Kurt’s mouth give way and felt Kurt’s hesitant tongue brush his lips. His senses were already in overdrive but that was all he needed. He opened his mouth completely and took turns sucking Kurt’s tongue and trying to stick his inside Kurt’s mouth as much as he could.

Kurt was pretty sure this was heaven.

Both boys completely forgot about the crowd of people around them, watching everything they did. The five second rule had long since passed, and everyone was stunned into complete silence. Several of them were watching with their mouths hanging open while a few wore smiles. Finn had again looked away. The kiss going on in front of them was not a simple game-kiss. He could see there was more to it and didn’t feel like intruding on what should have been just between the two of them.

"Kurt? It’s your turn to spin," Tina said quietly, trying to remind them they were still there.

Sam slowly pulled away from Kurt’s mouth, both eyes still closed. "Don’t be," he whispered, moving further away from Kurt, and sat back down in his spot.

Kurt’s face was completely flushed. His lips were red and swollen, and he was sporting a major hard-on which, he hoped, no one else could see. He also couldn’t take his eyes away from Sam.

Sam had lost all of his cockiness. He sat there with his mouth slightly open, lips matching the same color and swollenness as Kurt’s. There was no longer a smile plastered on his face and there was no twinkle in his eye. Kurt couldn’t help but see lust where there used to be playfulness. No one had actually ever looked at him with lust, but he imagined it would look exactly like how Sam had looked right then.

"I’m bored!" Rachel declared, breaking the silence. "Who wants to hear me sing!?" She reached in front of Kurt and grabbed Blaine, dragging him with her to the stage. Everyone except Sam and Kurt got up from around the board and followed them.

Kurt was afraid to stand up, both because he wasn’t sure his legs would support him and he didn’t want anyone to see how turned on he still was. He looked at Sam, who was still looking at him, and didn’t know what to say or what to do.

Sam finally smiled at him, gave him a quick wink and got up to join the others in front of the stage.

"You know he’s drunk, right?" Finn asked, sitting next to Kurt on the floor.

"I know," Kurt replied. "I’m not trying to turn him, Finn," Kurt said sternly, anger replacing his excitement. "Why does it bother you so much when I so much as talk to another guy?"

"I just don’t want to see you get hurt, Kurt. We’re brothers now, and I have to look out for you, even when it means telling you things you don’t want to hear."

"I appreciate the sentiment, Finn, I do. But if I want to kiss a straight boy, that’s my problem. There’s nothing you can do about it. I suggest you focus on your lack of a love life and leave my lack of one alone."

Santana walked over to where Sam was sitting, straddled him and brought their lips together into a kiss.

Kurt stood up to mingle with the others by the stage. He made it two steps until he saw Santana and Sam making out and stopped. Kurt was used to disappointment, but it stung a little extra to see the sight before him after just sharing such a personal moment with Sam minutes earlier.

"Will you make sure Blaine gets home okay?" Kurt asked Finn. He didn’t wait for a response as he turned the opposite way and left the party. Finn watched him leave and then turned back to see what had made him upset. Finn knew that no matter whom else Kurt started crushing on, he would always have a soft spot for the blond football player. Finn also knew he was the reason Kurt never had the chance to see for himself if he did or didn’t have a chance with Sam. After seeing the kiss between the two, Finn knew he had made a huge mistake. It was something he was going to have to try to fix.

"Sammy Evans," Santana purred as she pulled away from the kiss. She leaned in close to his ear so that no one else could hear. "You are not that drunk. In fact, my guess is that the only reason you’re making out with me right now is so that no one else realizes how much you actually wanted to kiss Elton McGayPants. I’m not stupid, okay?" She quickly started sucking on his earlobe as Puck walked past them to get some more beer. "I’m also not blind. I saw how hot that kiss was. I don’t know how gay you may or not be, and quite frankly I don’t care. As long as you don’t tell anyone that we don’t have sex, I won’t tell anyone that you want to with Kurt. Deal? Just nod if you agree." Sam nodded. "Great. Now kiss me and make it believable."


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Nov. 14th, 2011 06:20 pm (UTC)
Oh my god Santana. I'm dying. This was so good!
Nov. 15th, 2011 02:06 am (UTC)
Hahaha. Thank you! I don't care how many people hate her, I love Santana. <3
Nov. 16th, 2011 04:37 am (UTC)

AAAANYWAYS. SO MANY missed opportunities for these boys. so many. sam's really just one giant missed opportunity, tbh, not even just concerning his story with kurt.

this was really good. samtana epic beard otp, man. really disappointed when that was pretty much just a placeholder for sam and he was just treated like crap and miserable in. disappointed about a lot of things, really.

wow this is just being kum creys instead of talking about your fic! sorry! really enjoyed it.
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