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Glee: The Challenge [1/1] - Sam/Kurt

Title: The Challenge
Author: thosesamestars
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sam/Kurt, brief mention of Kurt/Blaine breaking up
Author Notes: This story is so stupid, haha. I just wanted to write *something* and this kind of just came out. My apologies.
Warnings: Slash?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. The end.
Summary: Sam likes to flirt. Kurt is his favorite.
Date Written: June 12, 2011

Sam Evans liked to flirt. It was usually harmless; he just liked to make people feel good about themselves. His last school was full of boys who mostly just liked to see who was more of a badass and who had the bigger dick. He didn’t like saying it aloud, but he was definitely the more sensitive type. He liked seeing people own who they were with confidence.

It was definitely a shock to his senses when he first transferred to McKinley. Everyone got bullied and teased about anything and everything. He saw beautiful girls and great guys get knocked down just because other kids had nothing better to do. He himself had been bullied at his last school, and a little here, because he didn’t fit the perfect “guy mold” that all the other guys fit into. So he took it upon himself to flirt with everyone to make them feel like someone else noticed them. He never did it to lead anyone on or to be a player; he simply wanted everyone to be happy.

He never discriminated on who he’d flirt with. Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, Rachel, Finn. Kurt. If he was honest with himself, Kurt was his favorite person to flirt with.

// // //

“That shirt looks great on you,” Sam said as he walked past Kurt to sit in the chair behind him.

Kurt looked around him to see who Sam had been talking to because he knew it wasn’t him. The only other students in the choir room were Mike and Tina who were sitting at the opposite end of the room. He didn’t quite know how to react or what to say. He still wasn’t completely sure Sam had been talking to him. He turned around to look at Sam and saw his blond teammate smiling at him. Well, he was definitely talking to him.

“Thanks,” Kurt said, turning back around with a hint of pink coloring his cheeks and neck.

Sam smiled even wider when he had noticed the slight coloration. Kurt really didn’t know how adorable he was. Sam tapped him on his shoulder to regain his attention. Kurt turned around and looked in Sam’s direction while avoiding eye contact.

“What are you doing this weekend?”

Kurt looked up into Sam’s face, meeting his eyes, not sure what to say. Was Sam going to ask him on a date? No one ever cared what he was doing except Mercedes.

“I was actually considering reorganizing my closet. I currently have it sorted by designer, but I think I might move them so that it’s by color. I always forget I have my black Marc Jacobs sweater because it’s all the way to the left. And…I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud.”

Sam laughed. Yep. Definitely adorable.

“If you can find some time during your closet reorganization, you’re more than welcome to come over for a few hours. I was thinking about either watching Avatar or the new Star Trek. You know, if you’re interested.”

Kurt’s mouth fell open a little. He closed it immediately when he realized he was gaping at the invitation. Kurt at Sam’s house, in Sam’s bedroom, potentially sitting on Sam’s bed, was almost too much to take in at the moment. Warning signs rang in Kurt’s head. Bail! Bail! Bail!

“Thanks, Sam. I really appreciate the offer, but the only thing that can break me out of my cleaning mode is Rent or Oklahoma. Maybe next time.”

“Yeah, definitely,” Sam smiled, watching Kurt turn back around as Mr. Schue made his way toward the front of the class. Kurt was going to be a tough nut to crack. Metaphorically speaking.

// // //

Kurt stood in front of the full length mirror, using the gel he had brought to fix his hair just right. Everyone was putting on their final touches before the performance they were going to give for the children’s hospital. Mr. Schue had set it up so that they could still get some practice in before the summer came. He wiped his hands off on the white hand towel laying next to him and grabbed the black cummerbund. He wrapped it around his midsection but couldn’t fasten it correctly behind his back.

He felt someone take both sides of the fabric from his hands. He looked up into the mirror and saw Sam standing behind him.

“Need help?” Sam asked, not waiting for an answer before helping Kurt get dressed. Sam saw Kurt’s skin turn slightly pinkish. He smiled as he looked down to make sure he was putting it on the right way.

“Thanks,” Kurt said, pulling on his tie to make sure it was on securely.

“You’re hands-down the best looking person here tonight,” Sam said nonchalantly, grabbing the comb sitting next to Kurt’s gel on the counter and running it through his hair. Kurt didn’t know how to respond at all. He never knew how to respond to almost anything that came out of Sam Evans’ mouth.

Sam had rendered him speechless. He couldn’t help but smirk a little as he placed the comb back down on the counter. He quickly swatted Kurt’s butt. “See ya out there, Kurt.”

Who is this kid, Kurt thought while watching Sam’s retreating figure.

// // //

“So I heard you and Blaine broke up,” Sam said, sitting down across from Kurt in the cafeteria. He placed his brown paper sack on the table and looked up at Kurt. “That really sucks, dude.”

“It’s for the best,” Kurt replied. “The distance was taking its toll, and it always kind of felt like he was just putting up with me, that I wasn’t living up to his standards.”

“You don’t believe that, do you?” Sam asked. Who in the hell would ever “put up” with Kurt. The kid was possibly the most adorable, giving person he had met to date.

“I don’t really want to talk about it right now.” Sam understood completely.

“Oh! I don’t think I ever said anything, but thanks for keeping the wrap on my whole family situation. I know it eventually came out, but I really appreciate that you didn’t say anything.”

“You’re welcome. It was no one's business anyway.”

“Yeah, but everyone thought you and I were hooking up, that you were cheating on Blaine. I’m sure that was pretty hard for you.”

“No, not really. I’m used to being talked about at this school. I’m just sorry that people started thinking you were gay.”

“I’m not sorry,” Sam replied, shocking Kurt. He looked up at the blond.

“You’re not sorry that people thought you were gay? But I thought…”

“You thought I didn’t want people thinking I was gay which was why I didn’t do the duet with you?” Kurt nodded his head. “If you remember correctly, you were the one who wanted to sing with someone else. I was really looking forward to singing with you, Kurt, and it actually kind of hurt my feelings that you didn’t want to sing with me. That I wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Sam.” Kurt was again speechless. Sam managed to always knock him on his ass, and he never knew how to respond. “Finn told me that you’d quit glee club if I sang with you. I didn’t want to hurt our chances by losing you so I gave you up.”

Sam didn’t let it show, but he was relieved. He had convinced himself that Kurt just wasn’t interested in anything regarding Sam, even from the beginning. He had loved the attention Kurt gave him and was disappointed when Kurt had cut him loose. Knowing the truth, that it had been someone else’s idea, made him feel so much better. Kurt Hummel didn’t know it at the time, but he had just given Sam even more reason and incentive to flirt with him. He was going to flirt with him until Kurt gave in and reciprocated the flirting or until he told him to back off. Something told Sam he would wear him down before he’d scare him away. It was definitely a challenge he was excited to accept, a challenge Kurt didn’t even know he had laid down.

“What do you think about my hair?” Sam asked, changing the subject.

“Honestly?” Kurt made a face. “You need to cut it. Bad.”

“I don’t think I look that great with short hair. I don’t have a lot of money which is why it’s grown out as much as it has, but I heard someone call me Samantha when I was walking down the hall earlier so I think it’s about time I should get a trim.”

“I think it looked really good around the time you joined glee,” Kurt said, tilting his head while he looked at Sam, trying to picture how it had been back in the day.

“You think I looked good?” Sam asked, a hint of teasing in his voice.

Kurt turned bright red and looked down at his turkey sandwich.

Challenge: accepted.


Jun. 17th, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
Well, in THAT case....I guess I HAVE to write more!! =)