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Rachel spent her remaining time helping Karofsky with the talent show. They organized the event from start to finish as the auditions went on, as the sets were decorated and as the performers were chosen.

During one of the rehearsals, Rachel helped Karofsky while Kurt helped with some of the props. He stood in front of a large cardboard palm tree, painting the trunk brown. Blaine walked around the people auditioning and playing games, keeping track of space and lighting for his own portion of the show.

Rachel stopped what she was doing, not quite sure what exactly was going on in front of her as Finn hit the stage for his audition. He got up and started singing, practicing his song for the show. He sounded awful and his movements were choppy and stiff, but Kurt said nothing while he continued to paint the tree. He watched Blaine walking around every now and then, paying attention when he’d stop to talk to someone.

Kurt sat down to finish the trunk at the bottom as someone walked up to Blaine, giving him a sheet of music that was going to be played during the show.

At one of the tables in the room were four older men sitting down, playing a game, while both the Abrams’ stood next to the table, watching. Bailey walked up to one of the men.

“Hi, Bailey,” the man said as he reached him.

“Win big, David,” he said, kissing the top of his head. “As always.” David continued playing the game as Bailey spotted Blaine, the same predatory look from before crossing his face. He walked up to Blaine as he was making notes on his clipboard.

He held a cigarette out, waiting for a light as Kurt watched in the distance. Blaine drug out a lighter and lit his cigarette.

“This is our last night together, lover. I’ve got something worked out for us.” He smiled and gave him a once over as he walked away.

He watched him walk away and then looked back in Kurt’s direction, who had managed to look away just in time before being caught by Blaine.

Finn continued to sing on the stage, dancing with peculiar movements that coincided with the words coming out of his mouth.

Blaine walked up to the table full of card players, including David, his husband Bailey standing next to him, to inform him of the upcoming number.

“Excuse me, sir,” he interrupted. “The pirate number’s next.” He handed a pirate hat to David.

“Oh, yeah, thanks.” He took the hat. “Hey, kid. Listen, you know, I’ve been playing cards all weekend, and I’ve got an all-night game tonight.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of money. “Why don’t you give my husband some extra dance lessons?” He put some money in Blaine’s hands as Bailey stood next to him, looking directly at Blaine and grinning.

Blaine stood there, holding the money, and looked up at Bailey. He looked back at the money and made his decision.

“Um….I’m sorry, David, but I’m booked up for the whole weekend with the show and everything, so I won’t have time for anything else. I don’t think it’d be fair to take the money.” He handed the money back to David. Bailey’s face fell.

David took the money, made a what-can-you-do gesture and went back to playing his game. Bailey watched Blaine walk away, not used to being rejected nor denied.

Kurt, having watched the whole thing, smiled where he sat. He kept his eyes on Blaine, happiness running through him, as Finn finished his song. He stepped up behind Kurt and bent down to be even with him.

“I’ve decided tonight’s the night with Santana. She’s doesn’t even know yet,” he smiled. He got up and walked away from Kurt.

“Oh, hey, Finn,” he started, trying to convince his brother yet again that Santana wasn’t the right one. The call went on deaf ears as Finn kept walking, paying no attention to his brother.

// // //

Finn, completely dolled up in his best sweater and slacks, walked along the path leading toward the staff cabins. He reached Santana’s door and paused just outside. He took out his compact mirror and made sure everything was still in place, that his hair was okay. No boogers in his nose, no food in his teeth, he was good to go. He put the compact back in his pocket and gathered all his confidence. He knocked lightly on the door.

“Santana. It’s me,” he said as he pushed the door open, trying to look sexy as he did so.

When he opened the door he looked into the room and found Bailey hovering over Santana’s body. The two of them were both naked and they were definitely in the middle of doing what Finn had pictured himself doing with Santana.

“Holy shit!” Santana exclaimed, not expecting Finn to be there.

Finn closed the door, his mouth completely open from the shock. He turned around and went home, the evening not quite ending the way he had pictured it in his head.

// // //

Elsewhere in a different cabin, Kurt laid in bed with Blaine, the two of them enjoying each other’s company some more before the end of the season. The record player in his room changed to a different record and a slow ballad came out from the speaker. Kurt and Blaine laid almost on top of each other, both naked and under the covers, as Blaine slowly ran his fingers over the side of Kurt’s neck.

“You wanna hear somethin’ crazy?” Blaine asked.

Kurt grunted softly, not able to speak with the way he was making him feel with his touches.

“Last night I--I dreamt we were walking along and we met your father. He said ‘come on,’ and he put his arm around me. Just like he did with Santana.”

Kurt shifted his head and looked over at Blaine, not saying anything but understanding the meaning of the dream.

// // //

Very early the next morning, Kurt gathered his things and left Blaine’s cabin. Blaine walked him to the door, trying to stay in his presence as long as possible, and kissed him goodbye on the front steps before Kurt left.

Just then, Bailey walked out from Santana’s cabin and happened to look over and see Blaine and Kurt kissing. He knew right then why Blaine had said he couldn’t give him dance lessons. He stood there and watched them kissing, both of them not wanting to stop. Bailey wasn’t going to let this one go. Not only was his pride wounded, he just spent the night having mediocre sex when the man he wanted to be with was out fucking some young bimbo. Oh, yes, he would pay, Bailey thought.

// // //

Later that same morning, the Hummel’s ate breakfast, complete with mimosas, with Will sharing their table. Burt sat, sipping his coffee, as Will vented.

“You know how you feel when you see a patient and, well, you think he’s all right, and then you look at the x-rays and it’s nothing like you thought?” Will lit the cigar sitting between his fingers.

“What happened, Will?” Burt asked.

“It’s exactly what it’s like when you find out one of your staff’s a thief.”

“David’s wallet was stolen when he was playing pinochle last night,” Karofsky explained, emphasizing certain aspects of the tale as if it were a horror story. Finn ate it up. “It was in his jacket hanging on the back of his chair. He had it at 1:30 and when he checked again at a quarter to 4:00.…it was missing.”

“Bailey thinks he remembers this dance kid, Blaine, walking by.”

Kurt perked up the second he heard Blaine’s name.

“So we ask him, ‘you have an alibi for last night?’ He said he was alone in his room reading.”

Karofsky laughs.

“Yeah. There are no books in Blaine’s room.”

Kurt started to enter panic mode.

“Look, there’s been a mistake. I know Blaine didn’t do it,” Kurt said to Karofsky.

“There’s been similar thefts at Breadstix. And it’s happened here before, three other wallets,” Karofsky said, dismissing Kurt’s plea.

“Well, I know he didn’t do it,” Kurt reinstated, knowing exactly what Blaine had been doing the night before.

“Stay out of it, Porcelain,” Karofsky spat.

“Wait. Don’t put those tables together,” Will said to a couple on the other side of the hall. He got up and made his way over to them. “Come on.”

Kurt got up from his seat beside Karofsky and moved over to sit next to his father.

“Daddy, I need your help. I know Blaine didn’t take David’s wallet. I know,” he pleaded.

“Oh? How do you know?”

“I can’t tell you.” Burt’s face fell. “Just please trust me, daddy.”

“I’m sorry, Porcelain. I can’t.”

Will walked back over to the table where the Hummel’s and Karofsky were sitting at, now holding a half eaten pastry.

“This danish is pure protein.”

“Mr. Schuester, look. Maybe Blaine didn’t do it. Anyone could’ve taken it. Maybe it was, uh….you know, it could have been that little, odd couple, the Abrams‘. I saw her with a couple of wallets.”

“Artie and Brittany?” Will asked, baffled at the accusation.

“Porcelain, you don’t go around accusing innocent people,” Burt scolded.

“Yeah, but I saw them! I even saw them at Breadstix. Didn’t you say something was stolen at Breadstix?”

“I got an eye witness and the kid has no alibi,” Will continued, Kurt’s pleas falling on deaf ears. “Come on, Karofsky. You’ll learn what it’s like to fire an employee.”

“No, Mr. Schuester, wait a minute. I know Blaine didn’t take the wallet. I know he didn’t take it because he was in his room all night. And the reason I know is because I was with him.”

Kurt looked over at his father, knowing full well that he would see nothing but disappointment cloud his face. Burt didn’t know what to say; he just sat there taking in what he just heard come out of his son’s mouth, his wife and other son sitting across the table.

// // //

Kurt walked up the path to a secluded patio overlooking the lake. The air was crisp and chilly. The leaves had started to turn the many bold colors of fall. The only person on the patio was his father, deep in thought by himself. Kurt made his way over to where he sat, not looking forward to the conversation he knew was coming. Kurt stood there, waiting to be scolded. Burt said nothing, instead shrugging like he didn’t know what to say.

“I told you I was telling the truth, daddy,” Kurt started.

Burt refused to make eye contact, instead keeping his eyes fixed at some point beyond the lake in front of him.

“I’m sorry I lied to you,” Kurt continued. “But you lied, too.”

That got Burt’s attention. He turned to look up at his son.

“You told me everyone was alike and deserved a fair break. But you meant everyone who was like you.”

Burt broke their eye contact and looked back at the ground.

“You told me you wanted me to change the world, to make it better. But you meant by becoming a lawyer or an economist and marrying someone from Harvard. I’m not proud of myself.” Tears started to come to his eyes. “But I’m in this family, too. You can’t keep giving me the silent treatment. There are a lot of things about me that aren’t what you thought. But if you love me, you have to love all the things about me. And I love you.” Kurt started sobbing, trying to keep it in. “And I’m sorry I let you down. I’m so sorry, daddy. But you let me down, too.”

Kurt rushed away. Burt made a motion like he was going to stop his son but decided against it. What he had said was enough to make any man upset, and Burt was upset that his son felt that way. He had started getting emotional during the speech, but he was so conflicted with his disappointment and hurt and disapproval that he let go of all the things he loved about his son. He continued to sit on the patio, looking out, thinking about everything that was going on with his family, with his son. He put his head in his hands and cried.

// // //

The afternoon of their final full day at Schuester's found Kurt asleep in one of the staffer’s cabins. He didn’t want to go home and deal with his family, having already bared his soul to his father with nothing in return, and he had tried to find Blaine to talk to him about what he had admitted, but he was no where to be found. While he was waiting for him, he had fallen asleep on the small twin sized bed.

Blaine walked into the room and went straight to the bed, throwing his jacket over the back of a chair. He stood there, looking down at Kurt’s sleeping form. He didn’t want to wake him, he looked so peaceful, but they had some stuff they needed to talk about. Blaine bent down and shook Kurt’s leg, hoping that would be enough to wake him.

Kurt slowly turned his head and looked up at the man he had been waiting for.

“I have been lookin’ for you all over.” Kurt sat up in the bed and tried to wake up enough to hear what Blaine was telling him. “They found the Abrams‘. Fingerprinted their water glasses. They found out they were wanted in California and in Ohio and they made a fortune here this summer.” Blaine smiled.

“So then….so then it’s all right,” Kurt said, relieved. Blaine looked away, his smile gone. “I knew it would work out. I knew they’d have to apologize,” he sang as he stood up to hug Blaine.

“I’m out, Porcelain,” Blaine said, looking to the side when Kurt went in to kiss him. Kurt’s face fell.

“They fired you anyway because of me,” Kurt said, not even bothering to phrase it as a question. He already knew it was the truth. Blaine didn’t deny it.

“And if I leave quietly, I’ll get my summer bonus.”

“So I did it for nothing!” Kurt shouted. Tears welled up in his eyes yet again. He walked away from Blaine as he ranted his frustrations. “I hurt my family, you lost your job anyway. I did it for nothing!”

“No, no, not for nothing, Porcelain. Nobody has ever done anything like that for me before.” Blaine was completely serious as he said it.

“You were right, Blaine. You can’t win no matter what you do,” Kurt said, very flippantly.

“You listen to me,” Blaine said, walking over to Kurt. “I don’t want to hear that from you. You can.”

“I used to think so,” he said softly, resigned.

They looked at each other briefly and then both turned to look in other directions.

// // //

Blaine, dressed in all black, made his way up the stairs to the cabin where Kurt’s family had been staying for the summer. It took everything he had to make the effort, but he was willing to do anything for Kurt.

He knocked on the door and waited for Kurt’s father to answer.

Burt walked to the door, a pissed off expression already on his face.

“Dr. Hummel, can I, uh….” he took his sunglasses off to show more respect for his elder. “Look, I’m going anyway and I know what you must be thinking.”

“You don’t know anything about me, anything at all,” Burt raged.

“I know you want Porcelain to be like you,” Blaine said, trying to hold his ground. “You know, the kind of person who does things to make other people look up to them. Well, Dr. Hummel, Porcelain is like that. I mean, if you could just see---”

“Don’t you tell me what to see. I see someone in front of me who got his partner in trouble and sent him off to some butcher while he moved on to an innocent, young man like my son.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what you would see,” Blaine said, annoyed and angry with the man’s inability to see anything other than what he wanted to see. He tried. He could at least say he went out trying. He knew when to give up, when there was no chance in hell of reasoning with someone.

He put his sunglasses back on as he left, leaving Kurt’s father standing out on the porch alone. Burt remained there, watching the man leave.

// // //

Blaine stood by his car, filling the trunk with the few possessions he had brought with him for the summer. He closed it, threw his leather jacket and sunglasses through the open window of the passenger side and walked over toward Kurt who was leaning against the car near the opened window. He was really bad with goodbyes.

“I can’t imagine being here without you even one day,” Kurt said softly, trying his hardest to not get emotional. Again.

“No, just think, you’ll have more time for horseshoes and croquet.” They both laughed. “Maybe they’ll saw you in seven pieces now.” Blaine tried to mask his sorrow with humor. They might not have been the best jokes, and Kurt could have been faking thinking they were funny, but Blaine got what he wanted out of it: to see Kurt smile and laugh one last time.

“I guess we surprised everybody,” Kurt said, both of them chuckling. Blaine looked down.

“I guess we did.” Kurt laughed some more.

Blaine leaned against the car beside Kurt. Kurt immediately closed the space between them by placing his head on Blaine’s chest and putting his arms around his waist. Blaine rested his chin on the back of Kurt’s head.

“I’ll never be sorry,” he said, rubbing Kurt’s shoulders. Kurt looked up into his face.

“Neither will I,” he replied.

They looked at each other and then kissed very gently.

“I’ll see ya,” Blaine said, being the first to break the contact. He walked over to the driver side of his car and got in, Kurt still standing outside near the passenger side. He skidded on the gravel as he peeled out. Kurt walked into the middle of the road where Blaine’s car had just been, watching him drive away, dust flying up behind the wheels.

Soon Kurt was standing in the middle of the road looking at nothing but where the car had just been. He felt instantly lonely.

// // //

Kurt sat on his bed, feeling sorry for himself still, trying to get ready for the talent show. He had put his boxers, wife beater and socks on, but had stopped before putting his suit on - remembering what it had been like having Blaine around. He missed him so much.

“Porcelain,” Finn said, coming up beside Kurt and sitting down next to him. “I’ll pick your suit,” he offered, trying to make things easier for his brother after everything he had been through.

Kurt said nothing, just looked at his brother.

“You’d look good in….” he paused. “No. You’re more handsome your way,” he concluded. “This way.” Kurt smiled. After a brief pause, he leaned his head down on Finn’s shoulder, something he hadn’t done since they were little. It felt nice having someone there for him, even if it was only Finn.

// // //

The end-of-the-season talent show started two hours later. The whole thing went by pretty slowly, some of the singing and dancing not so bad, some completely awful. As the show concluded, Karofsky got on stage, dressed in a pressed blue suit, and stood in a line with several other participants in the show and members of the staff. The ending number, since Blaine was no longer around to dance, was a combination of all the people on stage singing together and in turns. Karofsky began the song with only his voice and the music.

Schuester's, we come together
Singing all as one
We have shared another season’s
Talent, play and fun

Kurt sat with his father and mother at a table with his back against a corner in the large room. The three of them sat at the table watching the singing going on on the stage in front of them. Finn wasn’t sitting with them because he had been in the talent show. He stood on the stage with the other singers while they waited to join in to sing the closing song of the season. Kurt was bored out of his mind as Burt and Carol enjoyed the simplicity of the song.

Summer days with soon be over
Soon the autumn starts
And tonight the memories whisper
Softly in our hears

Everyone on the stage joined Karofsky in singing the chorus.

Join hands and hearts and voices
Voices, hearts and hands
At Schuester's the friendships last
Long as the mountain stands

Along the back of the room, none of them sitting down, stood all the dancers who had stayed hours on end in the clubhouse where Kurt had first seen the true definition of dirty dancing. They stood in the back watching the show end, none of them particularly happy to be there with Blaine no longer around. Sam was one of the members standing there as half of them were in fact employed by the resort and were expected to show. He looked absolutely amazing in a pink and white striped, fitted shirt, white wife beater underneath and dark blue jeans, capped off with a pair of cowboy boots.

Finn, dressed in a tropical themed costume from his previous act, stood out in front of the line of singers and sang a verse by himself.

Daytime, nighttime, any hour
Whether rain or shine
Games and lectures, jokes and music
Happily combined

Kurt grinned in the corner, no one paying attention to him, as he watched his brother sound awful in front of the whole room. Carol and Burt looked at each other, smiling. Kurt couldn’t tell if they were smiling from pride or in pity.

Finn stepped back in the line and the entire group sang the chorus again.

Join hands and hearts and voices,
Voices, hearts and hands
At Schuester's the friendships last
Long as the mountain stands

Santana walked by the Hummel’s table just as the song reached an instrumental section. Burt noticed the woman walk by and called out to her, reaching into his jacket and pulling out an envelope for her. Santana stopped when she heard her name as Burt caught up to her.

“Good luck in medical school, miss,” he said, handing the envelope to her.

She opened it up and saw it was full of money. Santana smiled.

“And I wanted to thank you for your help with the Sam situation. I guess we’ve all gotten into messes.”

Burt’s face fell.

“What?” he asked.

“I thought Porcelain told you,” she started. “Look, I’m not sure. I mean, Sam said so, but you know with guys like that. They’re liable to pin it on any one around.”

Burt snatched the envelope out of her hands and stuffed it back into his jacket, walking away from the woman and headed back to his own table.

The song continued on the stage as Will made his way up, also lending his vocal capabilities to the melody.

So let’s join in
Just one last chorus
Visitors, staff and guests
What we’ve shared
Won’t be forgotten
Old friends are the best

Bailey sat in in one of the front rows of chairs, the seat next to him empty where David should have been. He looked bored and still pissed off about how the summer had ended for him.

The singers all joined in for the ending of the song. Everyone on the stage singing.

Join hands and hearts and voices
Voices, hearts and hands
At Schuester's the friendships last
Long as the mountain stands

Kurt sat in his chair, not saying a single word. No emotion crossed his face as he thought about everything he had been through, everything he had learned about people and about himself.

While he was deep in thought, Blaine walked through the back entrance, back where all his dancers had been standing. As people saw him enter, several of them greeted him, not expecting to see him again after his firing. He smiled and said hi while he took a look on stage to see how Karofsky had decided to end the season.

He scanned the crowd while he looked for one person in particular. He spotted him sitting next to his parents, back in the corner along the side of the far left wall. He immediately walked over to him.

Kurt perked up the second he saw Blaine walk up to the table, not quite sure what he was doing there.

“Nobody puts Porcelain in the corner,” he stated matter-of-factly to Burt moreso than Carol. “Come on,” he urged, holding his hand out so that Kurt could take it as they made their way up to the front of the stage.

Burt stood up, prepared to stop them from going anywhere, until Carol reasoned with him to stay where he was and to not make a scene.

Blaine and Kurt walked hand in hand to the front, both of them looking at each other after thinking they were never going to see the other one again.

They walked onto the stage, in the middle of the song, and made their way to the very center. Blaine gave Will a look as he passed him. The members of the chorus sang until they realized someone not in the act had interrupted them. Everyone except Finn stopped singing, who was the last to realize what was going on. The music and song stopped as Blaine stood in front of the microphone, Kurt holding his hand by his side.

“Sorry about the disruption, folks,” Blaine apologized, “but I always do the last dance of the season. This year somebody told me not to. So I’m gonna do my kind of dancin’ with a great partner…”

The dancers in the back of the room were buzzing with excitement, all of them on the ready to finally enjoy themselves.

“…who’s not only a terrific dancer, but somebody who’s taught me that there are people willing to stand up for other people no matter what it costs them. Somebody who’s taught me…” he looked directly as Kurt who looked like a deer caught in headlights, “….about the kind of person I want to be. Mr. Kurt Hummel.”

Burt stood up in anger.

“Sit down, Burt,” Carol ordered, pulling her husband on the arm until he sat back in his seat.

The dancers on the stage cleared as Blaine moved the microphone to the side. Kurt stood by himself in the middle of the stage, spotlight shining directly on him. As he put the mic stand to the side, Blaine took off his jacket and handed the record he wanted played to Rachel who had been in control of the music after Blaine had been fired.

The spotlight turned off when the music started.

Kurt turned his head to the right, seeing Blaine standing at the edge of the stage where no one else could see him. He walked out onto the stage, motioning Kurt to go to him as catcalls came from the crowd. The spotlight lit up around them as Blaine put his arms around Kurt’s waist, pulling him close and then putting him into a slow dip. Kurt smiled when his face got close to Blaine’s. It felt like home to be back in his arms. Blaine smiled back in return. He kissed Kurt on the nose before turning him in a spin right as the music’s upbeat rhythm began.

They began the same dance they had attempted to dance at Breadstix, the mambo, hitting every step, every note perfectly. Their movements were sharp, they didn’t look at the ground, they honestly enjoyed the dance, everyone in the crowd able to see their chemistry. They made strong eye contact the entire time, never once faltering.

Finn had made his way back to the Hummel table and bopped his head to the beat of the song, smiling as he watched his brother dance on the stage. Carol also smiled, excited to see her son do something and impressed that he was doing it so well. Burt watched in bewilderment, not quite sure what to think.

“I think he gets this from me,” Carol said to her husband after a particularly fast step that Kurt nailed.

Blaine pulled Kurt close to him after a twirl and the two of them stood in front of everything, just standing close, no longer moving, staring into each other’s eyes. Blaine spun him again and Kurt burst out laughing from the unexpected spin and the fun he was having while dancing with Blaine. Blaine smiled, also enjoying himself, and they continued the dance.

By the middle of the dance, the dancers who had been standing in the back were moving freely to the music, shouting their lungs out in support and enjoyment of it all.

As a small instrumental break came up in the song, Blaine spun Kurt once more, placed a kiss on the top of his hand and dramatically jumped off the stage. Kurt looked at Blaine with pure admiration and love in his eyes. Blaine danced by himself down the middle of the crowd, Kurt remaining on the stage watching him dance, his smile never leaving his face.

The dancers in the back cheered with a vengeance. The crowd moved their bodies in tune with the beat of the song as Blaine danced his way down the aisle, closer and closer to the back of the room where his dancers stood just waiting to join him.

Will paced along the outside of the crowd, his face unamused as he noticed everyone else in the building having a good time.

Blaine danced his way back up to the front of the stage, all of his dancers now behind him as he made his way forward, everyone dancing in sync. Sam joined the dance, completely healed and able to enjoy feeling his body dance perfectly to the music again.

Kurt swayed to the beat on stage, still smiling, as he watched Blaine and his dancers close the distance between them.

He never let his eyes leave Kurt the closer he got to the stage. He stopped dancing, just standing there looking at the glorious boy before him bathed in the spotlight, as his dancers went up to the bottom of the stage. Kurt smiled wider, nodding his head while letting the dancers bring him down off the stage to be level with Blaine.

Just as the music swelled, Kurt ran up to Blaine as he picked up him and lifted him over his head, both men holding the pose, beaming, as they finally landed the lift. The crowd went crazy, clapping and cheering them while the music continued.

Blaine slowly lowered Kurt who’s arms instantly wrapped completely around Blaine, both of them hot and sweaty and happy and completely in love.

Carol and Finn clapped and cheered Kurt on, outrageously impressed with what he had been able to do. Burt sat next to Carol, a smile on his own face as he watched his son dance beautifully.

Still on floor level, Blaine and Kurt continued to dance with each other. Blaine’s dancers picked up the beat and all started dancing around them. They even broke apart from their normal partners to get members of the audience to join them.

Sam made his way over to Burt, to thank him yet again for everything he had done, as he complimented him on his dancing. While they were talking, Karofsky grabbed Carol and the two of them went out onto the dance floor to dance together.

Will watched all the patrons get up to dance, completely dumbfounded at the enthusiasm of which everyone took to trying their hand at moving their bodies.

Bailey, completely unamused, stood up, his face completely straight, and left the room. Seeing how happy Blaine was with someone other than himself was too much to handle.

Blaine and Kurt, having had their final dance for everyone, made their way to the door, ready to sneak away. Right before they made it, Burt stepped up and held his hand out to Blaine, stopping them from leaving.

“I know you weren’t the one who got Sam in trouble,” Burt started. Blaine looked at him, face blank.

“Yeah,” he confirmed.

“When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong,” he finished, his way of an apology. He looked down at his son. “You looked wonderful out there.”

Kurt couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across his face. He reached up and wrapped his arms around his father, Burt returning the hug.

Instead of leaving the room, Blaine and Kurt made their way back to the dance floor deciding to revel in the turn of events.

Everyone in the room danced, including Will. Kids danced with kids. Strangers danced with other strangers. Rachel danced with Finn. Burt danced with Carol. And in the middle of it all was Blaine and Kurt.

The song slowed as they danced, Blaine mouthing the words to Kurt as they held each other close, staring deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Now I had the time of my life, No I never felt this way before, Yes I swear, It’s so true, and I owe it all to you.” By the end of the chorus Blaine hammed it up and scrunched up his nose while he mouthed the words. Blaine accomplished the purpose of it as Kurt smiled and laughed at his goofiness. He would never get sick of that smile.

Their smiles and laughter faded as they stood there some more, just looking at each other. No longer dancing while everyone else around them continued to do so, Blaine bent down and lightly placed his lips on Kurt’s, kissing him in a way he never thought he’d be given the chance to again. Kurt deepened the kiss, adding his tongue, their arms around each other.

Blaine lifted the boy in the air, mostly just because he could, then lowered him back down and held him close as they continued their dance. They exaggerated their movements, having fun with each other after their performance, and completely forgot about all the bad things that had happened that summer. They were in each other’s arms, dancing, and neither of them wanted to be anywhere else.


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