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Glee: I Found A Boy [1/1] - Sam/Kurt

Title: I Found A Boy
Author: thosesamestars
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sam/Kurt (sorta), Sam/Santana, Klaine-y (but they're not dating)
Word Count: 2,997
Warning: This is circa "Blame it on the Alcohol" so: Sam/Santana (Samtana is still one of my favorite shipper names, haha), Klaine-y (they’re not actually together)
Disclaimer: I own nothing blah blah blah.
Author’s Notes: I’m kinda late, but here’s my contribution to the Kummer Summer Exchange 2011. I’m not entirely sure this is exactly what was expected when the prompt was given, but here you go. It doesn’t necessarily end happily in this particular story, but the prompt was to re-write a scene and that’s what I did. The scene was re-written as a set up for other plots as if it were still actually in the episode, so don’t hate me!! Please. =) The actual prompt: "Season 2 AU. Any "what could have been" moment from season 2: a Kum rewriting of a scene that could have been so much better if the canoe was writing the show. Play with canon as much as you like."
Summary: What if Sam and Kurt kissed during the spin the bottle game during "Blame it on the Alcohol?"
Date Written: November 13, 2011

Kurt had originally decided to sit out during Spin the Bottle, thinking Blaine would take his queue and also sit it out.Collapse )

Glee: The Challenge [1/1] - Sam/Kurt

Title: The Challenge
Author: thosesamestars
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sam/Kurt, brief mention of Kurt/Blaine breaking up
Author Notes: This story is so stupid, haha. I just wanted to write *something* and this kind of just came out. My apologies.
Warnings: Slash?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. The end.
Summary: Sam likes to flirt. Kurt is his favorite.
Date Written: June 12, 2011

Sam Evans liked to flirt.Collapse )

Glee: Say Something [1/1] - Sam/Kurt

Title: Say Something
Author: thosesamestars
Rating: PG-13 [For one curse word and a brief scene of adult content]
Pairings: Sam/Kurt, Kurt/Blaine
Author Notes: This generated from my love of the song "Say Something" by Ian Axel. It's a gorgeous and heartbreaking song, and the more I listened to it, the more this came to me. This is told mostly from Sam's perspective. It's not great, and it's kind of on the fluffy side some times, but I don't care. =)
Warnings: slash, Kurt/Blaine date for part of it, angst
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. The end.
Summary: Kurt and Sam get close once Kurt returns.
Date Written: April 10, 2011

It began seven weeks ago when Kurt came back to William McKinley High School.Collapse )

Originally posted @SamKurt.
Title: Dissolved Sensitivities [1/1]
Author: thosesamestars
Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sam/Kurt pre-slash, mentions of Sam/Quinn singing
Author Notes: This isn't good, I'm not going to lie. But I needed something to focus on to make the day go faster and have it be closer to next Tuesday. I apologize in advance for anyone bored enough to read this!
Warning: implied het, somewhat fluff
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Almost literally. True story. All mistakes are mine.
Summary: This is a gapfiller set during 2.04: Duets. After Kurt performs we immediately cut to Sam asking Quinn to be his duet partner. What if Kurt was the one who convinced him to?
Date Written: November 4, 2010

I needed a pick-me-up!Collapse )

Originally posted @SamKurt

Fanfic100 - Peyton/Jake

Just for the record, I dropped my claim for Peyton/Jake for Fanfic100. I've lost interest in the show and since the show has gone to shit, I've lost interest in the characters as well. Therefore I don't foresee myself writing anything else for them. I dropped the claim so someone else could maybe do them justice since my lack of caring for them wouldn't.
Title: Prologue: By My Side
Author: thosesamestars
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Characters: Peyton Sawyer/Jake Jagielski/Jenny Jagielski
PoV: 1st Person - Peyton
Prompt: [001] Beginnings
Word Count: 3,135
Rating: PG
Summary: Peyton recounts the events from Jake re-entering her life up until the night before their first day back at school.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they belong to MaStErMoRoN Mark Schwahn.
Author’s Notes: This is AU. Everything before and including episode 2.12 is accurate. Everything after never happened. Welcome to the new Tree Hill! This is a series fic, When To Let Go, with this one being a “prologue” type beginning. The following chapters/parts will have actual dialogue and will occur in sequential order.

The best kind of people you can have are those who understand when silence is enough. Comfortable silence where you can just sit there next to each other without words. Just looks and breathing and silence.Collapse )
Title: The Things You Can't Say
Author: thosesamestars
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Characters: Peyton Sawyer/Jake Jagielski
Prompt: [071] Broken
Word Count: 1,023
Rating: PG-13 [Brief Language]
Summary: Jake and Peyton talk.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they belong to MaStErMoRoN Mark Schwahn.
Author’s Notes: Standalone gapfiller. This is set during episode 2.11 - The Heart Brings You Back - when Jake comes back. Set between the scene of them on her bed the night before Jake is supposed to go back and Jake deciding he's going to stay. It's my first fic with Peyton and Jake, so I apologize if I don't have their characters spot on. Give me time, I promise it will get better.

'Everyone has a point in their life that they wish they could erase or do over or just make right.'Collapse )

Master Table - Jake/Peyton

Name of the Fandom: One Tree Hill
What your fandom is: TV Show
What you are claiming: Peyton Sawyer/Jake Jagielski
What your claim is: Pairing

Fanfic100 Master TableCollapse )
Title: Untitled
Author: thosesamestars
Pairing: Gerard/Frank [They're not, like, a full blown couple or anything]
Rating: R [Language]
Summary: I don’t know when it first happened, or when I first figured it out, but I had a crush on Frank. Neither of us were gay, I knew that. But there’s just something about him.
Disclaimer: I own nothing blah blah blah.
A/N: It's still Gerard's birthday here, so I don't feel bad about posting this late. Woo! Happy birthday, Gee! All mistakes are mine and mine alone. I'm HORRIBLE at tenses, so if it flops around a lot, I'm sorry. :-(
Date Written: April 10, 2005

Click me. Click me HARD. You know you want to...Collapse )
Title: Excuse Me While I Fall Apart - Part 1
Author: thosesamestars
Pairing: Benji Madden/Joel Madden
Rating: PG-13 [Language, Sexual Themes]
Summary: Benji blows off a night with the boys to hang out with Joel.
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't know if it's true, made no money, etc.
Author's Note: It's a bit fluffy, I know. Not everything needs to be full of drama to be good, though, so here's my attempt at something a bit lighter.
Date Written: July 3, 2004

Part OneCollapse )

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